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Waste Management

Waste Management

As one of the Qatar leading waste management recycling companies, Acongulf  deliver sustainable waste management services including paper recycling and cardboard recycling through to total waste management solutions.

With no investment in landfill, we commit to optimizing recycling and recovery of waste whilst reducing our customers costs and meeting environmental best practice.

Integrated Recycling & Waste Management

By grouping all waste activities through Acongulf  complete recycling and waste management service, your organization can be sure of achieving environmental best practice, leaving you to focus on core business activities.

Thousands of UK organizations use Acongulf  for their recycling and waste management responsibilities. With the experience to manage all services with an overall business aim of increasing service quality and reducing your costs through landfill diversion, recycling and improved processes for the collection and disposal of the remaining waste residuals.

Acongulf ‘s Integrated Service in Four Simple Steps 1. Benchmark

Acongulf  will begin by assessing your waste management activities through a materials recycling audit. This audit benchmarks your organizations performance against best practice in landfill diversion and environmental compliance.

2. Implement

The audit forms part of our agreed implementation plan, used to outline the solution to all your recycling and waste management needs and how they can be achieved.  As well as the eventual service, other activities such as equipment sourcing, health & safety training, and staff process induction are included.

3. Service

Acongulf  will then effectively coordinate all your recycling and waste management activities, including managing changeover of contractors and helpdesk support.

4. Performance

Key Performance Indicators are essential for measuring cost savings, environmental performance and realising value added opportunities. Acongulf ’s Customer Relationship Management System allows input and extraction of the management information that is essential for the achievement and continuation of a quality assured service.