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Qatar is a small country approx 11,437 square kilometers in size situated in the Arabian Gulf. It has a climate which varies throughout the year, in the winter months it can get quite cold though during the summer it can reach temperatures of up to 45 degrees !!

Qatar has a FABULOUS history which can be traced back as far as 4000 BC. Having a combination of desert and sea enabled the residents to work in such areas as camel breeding, pearl diving and fishing. Today, Qatar is one of the leading producers and exporters of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the world. The wealth generated by Qatar’s oil and gas exports has enabled the country to grow at an extensive rate and construction and progress in all areas is booming!
Under the patronage of the Al Thani family since the 18th century Doha continues to grow, expand and become a modern city with lots to offer not only its own nationals but also to the many expatriates who choose to make Qatar their work place and home. His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani who came to power as the present Emir in 1995 can be very proud of his country!


Qatari nationals are welcoming warm people. English is widely spoken here although Arabic is the main language. Qataris generally wear traditional dress. For the men this means a white thobe and traditional head covering, whilst the women wear a long black flowing dress called the abayah. You will find some women choose to wear a veil. Qatar is an Islamic state and you will be sure to see some stunning mosques around the towns with prayer being a huge part of a Qatari s daily life.


Transportation Getting around Doha is quite easy as limousine & taxi services are available through a variety of companies. You can either pre book a ride or simply flag down a passing taxi, all cars are fitted with a meter to ensure your fare is fair!

Currency The official currency is the Qatari Riyal (QR) which is linked to the US Dollar at QR 3.65. A wide variety of bank and credit cards are widely accepted.

Restaurants Qatar offers you a totally international selection of great restaurants whether 5 star in the hotels (Doha boasts some fantastic 5 star hotels as well as some smaller options, the restaurants are generally open to the public and alcohol is served in many) or eating in the local cafes you will be spoilt for choice! Chinese, Indian, Japanese and Thai mix easily with European cuisine with seafood from the Arabian Gulf an obvious must! For those of you who prefer a little fast food do not fear,as Doha boasts most of the worlds greatest chains such as Pizza Hut , McDonalds & KFC to name but a few!

We even have a Starbucks and Costa Coffee to while away the hours after shopping in the fabulous malls around town Shopping Qatar has many large malls where you will find not only western style supermarkets stocking popular products along with fresh meat, fish and vegetables but also a range of shops offering world famous brands. (Alcohol is available to Non Muslims upon the obtaining of a liquor licence once a residence permit is in place ). The souqs (local shopping areas) are a wonderful mixture of scents and sights where items are not marked with traditional price tags as it is expected that you ask for discount and haggling is the norm! The gold souks in Qatar are always worth a visit!!


Qatar offers a range of leisure pursuits and facilities, you name it Doha has it! Golf at the Doha Golf Club is a must. The 18-hole par 72 championship course was designed by Peter Harradine and the Qatar Masters is now an annual golfing championship and part of the official tour as is the ATP tennis tour which each year sees the mens and womens tournament arrive to town. Ice skating, bowling, water sports are readily available as is a trip to the desert, this is a great way to spend the day though we recommend always going with an organised trip or via convoy, never set off to the desert in a lone vehicle! Its so easy to get lost!! For the bike fanatics the Losail International Circuit is an amazing place to watch events such as the Moto GP or simply bring along your own bike and take part in the track days there!


Qatar offers a range of schools for all age groups, from nursery through touniversity level. All popular curriculums can be found here.


Qatar has seriously seen such a boom over the past 2-4 years and we are seeing a huge rise in accommodation costs alongside this! There are many new developments around the town of Doha where most expatriates wish to live and residential areas continue to grow and expand at a rapid rate. Availability of properties is good though prices are high. It is always a good idea to know the budget allowed for your new home before arriving to find that it is simply not adequate in Doha. For an up to date list of our available properties and prices, please do contact us, we shall be more than happy to advise.